Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pot of ???? at the end of the Rainbow

I haven't posted for a while, but I haven't been completely slothful. I've been busy trying to housetrain our new 'Shipoo' puppy (when I've been home), I'm trying to help plan our triplet 40th birthday party, and am studying for a six month Checkride I'll have soon. I have three or four blog posts I haven't put the finishing touches on yet. They're easy to start, harder to finish!
Recently a nice thunderstorm skirted Charlotte as we landed, giving us a nice little wind shear on final approach. Our airspeed increased 20 knots, definitely getting our attention, at about 500 feet AGL on final. My good FO 'Bob' was flying, and the passengers hardly felt a bump from it. We knew windshear was possible due to the radar returns, the clouds and rain just off the airport boundary, and the dust getting kicked up into the air on the west side of the airport (we were landing towards the north, on the east side of the airport). I thought we might get a windshear caution, but we didn't, continued and taxied in, waiting for the rain.
Then, after the storm passed, this incredible rainbow formed right in front of us as we were in a long line for takeoff. We watched the whole thing for about 15 minutes while in line. I was able to take this picture and a number of other ones.
Those of you in the know remember Genesis chapter 9, and the rainbow God made for Noah as a sign of the covenant between He (God) and mankind. In this covenant God promised Noah and his sons that he would never again kill all living creatures with floodwaters. When God makes a covenant, you can count on him keeping his promise. Reading the Bible assures us of this in many places.
As far as what is in the pot at the end of the rainbow goes, that is probably a good blog post subject for the future. After the last decade of tumultuous years in the the airlines, I don't think it is gold anymore!

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