Sunday, March 15, 2009

Craig Needs?

A slight diversion, not the airplane kind, from the usual format for this post will be in order.

I was tagged by my lovely wife, who did this on her blog. My excellent sister and other friends have done it as well. And it is kind of fun, so in tribute to google and the incredible search engine (and verb) it has become, here goes.

Directions: google your 'first name' + 'needs' (Craig needs). Then you have material ready made a commentary on what all-knowing google knows you need. Here are my top ten search results:

1. Craig needs to sell his '92 Saturn SL2 - $2900. Yes, and go right out and buy a $2900 Mazda Miata. I know it's a little girly, but I'm a regional airline pilot, not a major. And Shannon will ask if she can drive it during the warm months - all four of them.

2. Craig Needs To Please A Lot More Fans... Really? That's inflating my 'pilot ego' even more.

3. Craig needs Australia. Love it down under, never been. Friendly, fun loving blokes, at least on TV. Good beer and steaks, and onion rings. Oh I'm such an American. Underrated rock n roll.

4. Craig needs a friend. Yes, this is true. You're reading my blog. Will you be my friend? Do you know someone else who will be my friend? Seriously, I still meet people in the OC who ask 'do you live here'? Being gone most of the time limits my 'friend time' at home.

5. Craig needs New York 'Defiance': Yes, I defy all that is wrong with New York these days, from wall street corruption to geese in the way to Conan leaving to . . . (be careful with this one, I could be based there in the future - my seniority would be much better than at DC)

6. Craig, it seems, needs some money to help him pay his legal bills. Uh Oh. Shannon? (the lovely one pays the bills)

7. Craig needs to resign, not because he is gay. I insist this is a misprint, they left out 'married to a' gay. Er, Shannon Gay. What I wrote first sounds worse. Must actually be referring to Senator Larry 'wide stance' Craig.

8. Craig needs to get his facts straight over salmon. I Love salmon, even though we're landlocked in Iowa. Shannon hates it, and has fooled the girls to do so as well. So far.

9. Craig needs help - with pics. Pics I can't get out of my head (not really) of my true airport bathroom / airliner encounter I had with Larry 'wide stance' Craig. I only tell the true Larry story in person, sorry.

10. Craig needs someone to kiss his boo boo. This has absolutely nothing to do with me and 'ole wide stance.

If you're my new friend, or an old friend, consider yourself tagged. ______ needs?


Shannon said...

I think Australia would be much nicer than Newfoundland. Hey, and I did try the salmon at the Blue Mountain and thought it was pretty good - I just don't know how to make salmon. Cute post - and a nice diversion too.

Annie H. said...

thanks for playin' Captain Craig.