Sunday, December 7, 2008

Things as they appear?

Wow, commuting from FSD-MSP shows that winter is already here. The landscape from the Diesel 9 is cold, white, stark, bleak, and . . . beautiful and intriguing. The farm places are the dark spots, with the evergreen trees positioned as wind breaks. There are other features to make out. Windswept wisps of snow cradle the contours of the farm fields and hills. No, that must be scattered cloud formations guarding the ground. The wooded hills between the farms show fir trees pointing the proper way between the snowfall. Wait, that's the filling in of many frozen glacier lakes with snow, for the macarbe ice fishing season. Minnesota is a true land where winter lives, and thrives too yet.

Life's event's can appear to be one thing and then another as well. A burden becomes a blessing. A responsiblity becomes an opportunity. A conviction becomes preparation for repentance. An interesting coincidence becomes a display of God's sovereignty.

Thanks for tuning in. That's all for now.

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Mom said...

too yet, huh?

you are such a wonderful expressionist. where did you learn to write in such wonderful ways?

i am waiting for the next "trip" with anticipation.